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Welcome to BeloBiz Online Projects

We Are a Creative Digital Agency Based in Edinburgh

Providing reliable and efficient online solutions since 2010.


From Start to Finish with BeloBiz Online Projects


Always looking for the How in the Why! This just means that we are users of our Digital Solutions. In today’s days, we need to automate and facilitate the end user with their problems online = Your Problem; We find a Solution.


After we locate the issue, we develop the solution and optimise it with a smooth interface and a good design.


The final process is to deploy our solution online. We can do this on our server and hosting solutions or in a third-party provider. But let’s be honest, all of us save more money using our hosting plans (: After that is all about the marketing of the solution.

BeloBiz Digital Solutions

Take a look at our main online projects, you might find something you need!


With time we accumulated a hefty bill hosting all our projects.
We brainstormed and created an excellent business plan that allowed us, to proudly, create our Cloud Based Hosting Services. Enabling everyone to have all online projects hosted on quality servers at affordable prices.

We can offer tailored plans for your need. No more of buying add-ons that you don’t need or be capped at what you need to expand.
Also, You have the option of choosing our unique plan of host for 10 Years with only ONE PAYMENT!


Fed up of useless toys for your children? So are we… that’s why we created

One place for your Toys and Party supplies needs.

Our Online Shop that we consider a real Shopping Center, from Fashion to Pet Accessories you might find what you are looking for! And the best of all, it always has a discount.

belomedia uk

Our Main Offer, BeloMedia UK is the perfect solution for local businesses and startups. From SEO to Website Design, with all in between, with the complement of Marketing your solutions in AdWords and Facebook ads. Come and visit us to see all we can offer, don’t forget to get your free report or our unique Real Estate Solutions.

BeloMedia UK

Because We know that it’s important to put your business and brand out there with a professional and modern image, we created, Your one-stop shop for your Marketing needs and the best of all, you don’t need to break the bank to afford our services, including Video Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Management and much more.

For the true Lego fan, this online shop will have that Lego Toy or accessories you’ve been looking for.

Over the years we spent lots and lots of money on self-educating,
we are firm believers that you need to educate yourself on what you want to excel. Otherwise other will surpass you… that’s why DigiUni was created! Useful information and education at affordable prices



With web tools, we gathered some of the most efficient and useful tools and software for you to use in this universe of the internet.

You can also find some freebies (:

Your New and modern Classifieds Place, post your ad for free or give it, even more, exposure, with our different featured accounts.

We are currently designing an app for Android.

The Main Face Behind The Brand

Little something from the human behind the digital platform!

Ricardo Belo

Founder & M.D.

Business Manager since is early 20, acquired the necessary business acumen to develop online digital solutions to others businesses. Started consulting services in 2010 and since then increased his online exposure massively, currently with 14 websites online from e-commerce to hosting services, his brands can offer businesses all the solutions needed to improve their leads, sales and digital exposure. All ‘under one roof’ approach enables brands and companies to save their budgets, the hassle of dealing with a variety of different providers with different ways of thinking and increase your R.O.I massively.

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