Our 3 Steps


We search for the, most in-demand, niches and leverage the power of creativity plus automatisation, building the needed bridges between physical and digital.


After the brainstorming, the draft starts to be built. Put our coding in place, improve our design and test all nooks and crannies aiming to a smooth, user-friendly use.


After step one and two, it’s time to show the world our creation! Supporting our launch we monitor the server for service spikes and start the marketing process with BeloMedia UK.

A new approach to empower businesses

The reality is Digital!

Businesses and the way we live is continuously evolving, that is one of the main reasons BeloBiz was created.

With the will to be and do more, we started diversifying our digital solutions because the need was there and the general knowledge wasn’t following the current trend. By doing it ourselves, we were able to improve our approach, and by trial-error, the experience was gained, from that was possible to start helping other business owners crossing over to the actual reality that exists and be aware of the future trends.

Just take a moment and look around you, what business process isn’t done digitally? Even how you live your personal life is becoming mostly digital!


One of the most significant changes is how people shop these days, browse hundreds of products and click purchase! It’s easy as that. Having that in mind we always aim to launch online stores with bespoke partners and user-friendly interface.

Website Hosting

Our business is mostly digital, and for the first year we tried various hosting providers, and it was always the same problems if we aimed at the price the host was full of restrictions and never what we needed. If we decided on the functionality, the prices were ridiculously high!

So Garnet Hosting was born! Excellent choices for everyone’s necessity, not just option A, B, and C. Check it out for yourself.

Web Design and Digital Marketing 

When we started to develop the digital projects we needed to purchase themes and graphic designs, it was not cheap! After that we needed to optimise and ‘put it out there’ so people would know that we existed, another substantial expense, adding all this the final price for our customers and us were high… so BeloMedia UK was created!

From our own fully customizable WordPress themes, that we sell at fair prices, our SEO development and optimisation plus Digital Marketing all in one project that allows us to create better and at lower cost for everyone!! a win-win situation.