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The internet provides us with a powerful and flexible platform to build businesses. Hence, firms that do not leverage this opportunity end up being left behind.

 At Belobiz, we bring you the latest win-win strategies to grow your brand and proactively dominate the market. Our experts will take your business to the next level in an ever-evolving market. Find out more.


Who Are We?

BeloBiz was founded in April 2015 to solve the nagging challenges of the digital divide faced by small businesses and startups.

Ricardo Belo, a business leader with 18 years’ experience and a successful international career, is our company’s founder. The multilingual veteran business icon has worked as a manager at several firms to attain unprecedented heights.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

Focus: Building a successful business takes time. However, every team member is goal-driven, and we do not lose sight of our mission or vision.

Commitment: We are renowned for our persistence. We do not stop working until you are thoroughly satisfied with our work.

Affordable: Our services are reasonably-priced, and you never have to pay full prices or break the bank to get quality services. We consider your budget and provide you with tailored solutions.


Our Story

BeloBiz & Belomedia and family support began when our founder decided to start up his own projects after garnering extensive experience in the business world. Founded to support his family initially, the firm has grown exponentially to become a household name for all small and local businesses in the areas we serve. We want to be a part of your success story.

What Do We Do?

We offer digital products and solutions to help teams and individuals alike. If you are looking to generate leads and drive engagements, you have found the perfect marketing suite to boost your online presence and give you the edge over others in the market. 

Whether you need cutting-edge software, plugins, or eLearning, we have got you covered! Our agency services include consultation, web design, lead generation, logo design, social media, and adverts. Check out our latest products. 


Your Project. Our Life Work.

Mission Statement

To provide top-quality digital products and solutions to help small and local businesses.


From our partnership selection to services, we set and maintain high standards for excellence in all business situations.


We leverage our technology to find new and improved ways of serving you based on the results and feedback.


Our results do not lie. More so, we do not make empty promises or go back on our word. Thus, you are always sure of results when working with us.


We love what we do, and we are committed to serving you with unrelenting force.


Your Project. Our Life Work.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a top digital solutions provider for small and medium businesses.


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It's your project and our life work.