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Hostphyton Ultimate Hosting Services

Click to receive this article in PDF brings you flexible Hosting Services that are cloud-based and with more selection of hosting packs, what does that mean?

  • Fast Loading Times
  • Better Security
  • DDoS Protection
  • 99.96% of uptime of your website
  • More Flexibility to change your services
  • Different Packs, including our host for life with payment of a one-time fee!
  • You can tailor a plan suiting your unique needs, just need to contact us here
  • The possibility of creating your own reseller account!

Because we know that every business or private owners have different hosting needs, we decided to launch our hosting platform and give the full options to the end users, the product it’s for you so, you are in control… no point of having just a selection of product that you need one item but don’t need the other and one important selection is only available on other pack but it’s more expensive.

Besides out Awesome prices, we deliver friendly customer support. We are users of the products we provide, meaning that if any issue arises we know first and don’t need our customers to ‘suffer’ first so we know something is wrong with our services.

Confidence, Quality and pricing! that is what you find in our Hosting Services at we are here to disrupt this market, enough of paying and not controlling¬†our product… the control is now ours, the users!

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